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Sometimes private tutorage is needed to help you understand the concepts being taught in class. This register is a list of private tutors from the area with expertise in teaching their particular field of knowlege. It's not limited to university tutorage, primary and secondary students can find tutors here as well.

For tutors, it's a convenient (and free) method of promoting your services to students throughout Bendigo. And it's a great way for University students to pick up some casual work as tutors themselves.

Establishing Credentials and Suitability
It's up to you to work out whether they are suitably qualified for the help you or your child - we don't do the research for you. As a rough guide, select a tutor that looks most relevant and give them a call. Here's a few things you could ask:
What qualifications and experience do they have?
What is their particular area of expertise?
How long has it been since they studied?
Did they study here?
Are they known to any of the University staff or lecturers?
Do they know about the subject area that you are concerned with?
Do they have a current Working with Children certificate? (particularly relevent to primary aged children)
Personal Safety - Basic precautions when lining up a private tutor
Once you are satisfied that a tutor's credentials are suitable for your needs, it's time to set up your first meeting. Meet in a public place like the Bendigo library, the SU or the University library. Discuss what sort of help you need and work out times and locations for your lessons.

Until you feel you can trust the tutor, restrict the contact details that you give them to an email address. Lessons are probably best in a library but if that's not practical, decide on an alternative. If it's their house, make sure you tell somebody exactly where you are going and who you are going to see. Make sure your tutor knows that somebody else knows. If it's your house, try to ensure somebody else is around or at least let somebody know exactly who it is that is tutoring you.

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Contingencies and Feedback
If the tutor does not turn out to be as good as you first thought, don't be afraid to stop the lessons. Financial hardship is always a good excuse. Talk to the BSA if you think the tutor is not suitable for University standard tutoring or, on the other hand, tell us if you think they are brilliant at their job.
Posting an Ad
If you are not signed into the site, you need to create an account to post an ad - it's the way the system works. Posting an ad is simple, click here to get to the online form. Choose the relevant category from the drop down list and insert a title (your name will do). The form will ask for some basic details like your name and contacts but other key information is critical for an effective ad. To make it easy, cut and paste one or all of the headers below into the description panel of the online form then fill in the blanks. Post an ad now.
Subject/Areas I tutor in:

Year levels, type of students I tutor:
(Primary, Secondary, University)

I prefer to tutor at:

My past experience includes:
(teaching, tutoring, relevant work)

I am a current university student majoring in:

My academic qualifications include:

I have a current working with children check:
(Yes, No, Pending)