Advertising on campus

Providing a direct link to over 5,000 tertiary students, the Bendigo Student Association is in a unique position to connect your business with the elusive youth market.

All of our marketing options offer a way of directly tapping into this market and is a great method of showing your support to students. This will build brand loyalty and begin a lifetime relationship with thousands of potential new customers.

Bendigo Student Association

The BSA is an incorporated body operating for the benefit of all students at La Trobe University, Bendigo. A separate entity to the university, the BSA is the major on-campus provider of non-academic services. Our role is to provide events, activities and services that help provide the balance and support that students need to succeed.  

Our offices are situated on the Student Union (SU) floor along with the cafes and other retail shops. 

Student Diary

The Bendigo Student Association’s Student Diary is offered free to all La Trobe University Bendigo students. It is used by students and staff on a daily basis to help plan academic and social activities.

This high quality A5-size diary contains important university dates, timetables and information, making it invaluable to every student and providing you with the perfect way to display your message for the entire year.

Rates and Booking Information
Rates for 2017 (pdf)        Booking Form 2017 (pdf)

Market Day

This is an opportunity for Uni Clubs & Societies on campus to promote themselves to new students. It also provides promotional opportuntities for local and national businesses wishing to tap into the University market in Bendigo.

Market Day is held from 12pm - 2pm and is normally held on the Tuesday of Orientation Week and Wednesday of Bruce Week (first week of second semester). A trestle table is included in the cost of a stall. Limited powered sites are available on request.

Social Media & Digital Advertising

The primary method of communication with student these days is via social media and other digital technology. The BSA Facebook page has over 3,800 likes and growing while our digital screen shows high quality images in the location with the highest exposure on campus. 

The BSA can design a package for you that includes a mix of Facebook and Digital Screen imagery. We can also add in diary advertising, market day stalls and event sponsorship if you want to cover all bases possible. 

Ad Pack Rate Sheet 2016
Ad Pack Booking Form 2016   

Ad Pack Rate Sheet 2017
Ad Pack Booking Form 2017



Brad Russell
Marketing Manager
Bendigo Student Association

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